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As a motivational speaker or motivational speechwriter, nothing is worse than looking at the black sheet and excruciating over how to get started! It is particularly when there is a deadline. Instead of losing heart, you must approach things. If you are also a motivational speaker like Deepanshu Kher, then you must keep on reading this post to find out more on how to create an impressive piece of speech to inspire people. You must have heard – practice makes a man perfect. The same thing goes pretty well if you want to overcome your fear of public speaking. 

Deepanshu Kher motivational speaker suggests everyone write down a script along with the key points (which you are advised to highlight with different colors). However, he also says that you should not read word-to-word from the script. You should prepare the script in a way that you can easily deal with the questions thrown by the public during the session. And for this, you must keep the famous quote of Elbert Hubbard – the only way to learn to speak is to speak and speak, and speak and speak, and speak and speak and speak. So, just practice, practice, and only practice if you want to speak confidently in front of people no matter how huge the group is!