Deepanshu Kher is a motivational speaker and a successful entrepreneur. Born 28 May 1985. He has completed his graduation from Delhi University and completed his master’s in Management at a reputed University. He was an excellent scholar since childhood and used to participate in high school in management activities. He has received many awards in his career: One of the Most Inspiring Speakers, Creative and Leading Motivational Speaker of the Year 2017, Star Youth Award Instituted, and Best Motivational Speaker 2019 (North India). He is widely known for his work and many people call him for training in corporate companies.

How did Deepanshu Kher become a motivational speaker?​

He says that it is not something that he has achieved in 1 day or a month. It took him many years to get the perfection and become a motivational speaker. Moreover, he says that he still does not consider himself the best and get motivation from other people’s life.

It was when he was coming back from school and saw an old man selling crackers on the footpath. The old man was around 80 Years old and living alone and earning for himself. This gave a direction to Deepanshu Kher and he got motivation from that real-life story.

Why did he choose to be a motivational speaker?​

Deepanshu Kher had this feeling since school time. He always wanted to help people and he used to help others during school time. He attended many sessions in schools and colleges. He assisted many people to come out of anxiety by delivering motivational speeches. He helped people in college who failed their exams or were unable to make it through the next years of college.

He delivered a motivational speech at the college festival and the whole crowd started cheering for him this was the moment he realised that he has this path to lead others in careers and train people. And, after his college, Deepanshu Kher started working as a motivational speaker.

Some key-points about Deepanshu kher Regarding His Journey As a motivational speaker​

Passionate about his work

He is pretty passionate about what he does to help people overcome worries, problems, and fears and encourage them to achieve their life goals. Deepanshu Kher knows well how to help people complete even the most difficult tasks in the easiest way possible.

Experience and knowledge

A motivational speaker should have in-depth knowledge and a thorough understanding of their specific area or subject matter. For example, if the targeted audience is high-class or upper-level business owners who want to expand their reach, then a motivational speaker should have a proper understanding of entrepreneurship, branding, marketing, business expansion, etc. If we talk about Deepanshu Kher,

Influencing public speaking skills

You cannot become an efficient motivational speaker if you lack public speaking skills. This is the most important attribute of this field. And this is yet another quality that helps Mr. Kher stand out in the crowd. He is an impressive public speaker not because he is an experienced person but he constantly assesses his work and effectiveness to make his speaking skills better.

Eloquence and
impressive writing skills

It is believed that having an impressive speech is excessively needed to inspire someone. And he possesses outstanding written as well as speaking skills. Many people often ask – why writing skills are necessary. You should know that this skill is important to prepare an inspiring speech to direct audiences in a positive manner.

Outstanding marketing skills

Mr. Kher is also recognized for his outstanding marketing skills. He knows how to promote the same through different yet most appropriate channels. There is a very basic formula of motivation speaking in terms of marketing skills – the more you endorse yourself, the more solid connections you will build.


A good motivational speaker must be capable of empathizing with people, imbuing the problems, and helping them resolve the same. Due to internal dissonance, human issues typically arise. But when they have someone like a popular motivational speaker Deepanshu Kher by their side to listen to them and provide effective solutions to their issue, they can feel better and motivated.

How did he become a leading name in the country?

Being an IT expert he decided to switch off his carrer to become a motival speaker to inspire many individuals. He tells before finding his career in this field he decided to choose a niche to estabish a name as a motivational speaker.  Once it is decided to become a motivational speaker it is important to focus on public speaking skills and as well as focus on the oratory ones.

Switching the career from IT sector to inspiring motivational speaker the fame has not been achieved within an overnight. He worked really hard and suggested to others the following:


Personal Development

Working on personal development is excessively important to grow. He has demonstrated to others multiple times by keeping himself as a fine example of how to positively change someone’s life.

Listen to Other Speakers

You cannot become a good speaker if you are not a good listener. This is why you must start listening to other leading motivational speakers. While doing so, you should see closely the content and how they are delivering the same. Mr. Kher used to do the same to become an effective speaker.

Industry Expert
Speaker for Free

Most motivational speakers fail because they do not have the right ideology to convey the message. This happens when you do not have the right topic to concentrate on. But Deepanshu Kher is a person who has a clear ideological message in his every speech.